About the Rev

Reverend Variable The Reverend Variable is a Somnicist (the Metaverse term for what you Real-Worlders might understand as a “wizard” or a “dream shaman”). She has been one of these for millions of “years.”

The Reverend Variable once appeared in a frontier town coated with dust from crossing the Goddam Desert on a komodo dragon instead of a horse (as she is allergic). It was very hot out there, with times of great darkness and brightness. You’ll pardon her if she squints a bit.

The Reverend Variable is familiar with all Eight States of the Being as well as the Ten Realms of the Gri’x. She has a mid-size office at the Temple of Shadows, but spends more time at her private Exxo Estate (a planar annex of Denleighton‘s Complex Manor). When working on the Common Grounds, she is usually found in Portland, Oregon.

The Reverend Variable once arose from the Cold Northern Bogs of Tarnation County after holding her breath for a very long time. There may still be bits of muck caught in her hair. You should probably not touch it.

The Reverend Variable shakes hands with snakes and has the Moon over once a week for high tea.

While the Cyclochronomometer and the Somniscript are well-known in the Gri’x, the Reverend Variable is single-handedly responsible for bringing these concepts to the Common Grounds. (Though, truth be told, she used both hands.) She is writing a book, but it is taking ever so long because it is a non-linear sort of book, and she has had to stop and re-learn how to write it every now and then.

The komodo dragon’s name was Gordon. He now works for the Road Commission.

The Reverend Variable is very fond of mustard.

2 thoughts on “About the Rev

  1. Well i happened upon you through the 2014 witches companion and you sound like me in my mind, maybe we are one of many?? i wish for you to tell me about me (dont cheat by googling my name or asking folks about me, bcuz they really dont know) lol I am pretty sure you would be skin close!!

    • Hi Cherrylin! As you may have guessed by now, I don’t update my blog as regularly as I should. Working on that. I have this idea that if I compose a blog post IN MY HEAD, it will MAGICALLY appear on the internet. One of these days it’s going to work, I just know it.

      I would be delighted to tell you all about you.
      1) I think you are probably someone who can read and write English.
      2) You have touched at least one book at some point in your life.
      3) I see purple everywhere. I hope that’s not a bruise.

      I promise I have not googled you, nor have I consulted with any of our multitude of mutual friends. The funny thing is that I’m not actually “psychic,” at least not like the usual TV-version of what “psychic” is, so I have no way of knowing any specifics about you at this point. My readings are done via intuition and dream-logic. I tell stories to myself and sometimes they correspond to something happening on this plane. AND I GET PAID FOR THIS! Isn’t it a wonderful world?

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