Oooooh lord we're on the Facebook.
Of course we're on the Facebook.
Come like soap on Facebook!
It's the SOAP!

Is it a pumpkin? No! But it is orange! Like a pumpkin! But pumpkins are squishy on the inside...Don't be squishy! Be the jack o'hammer! Ratta tatta tatta tat TAT! That's how you'll go, with Spak-O's new CONSTRUCTION ZONE BLAST!

Cleaning up the streets and cleaning up yourself and cleaning up your whole life but not touching those rotten old pumpkins still sitting under the front porch, left over from the harvest festival, we can all smell them but maybe if we just ignore them for long enough they will rot away like our most uncomfortable problems.

So make your choice, friend! Do you want to smell like fresh, clean tar? Or moldering old pumpkins full of spores and insect eggs? What if you set them on fire? What if you simply make a detour? With miles of cones?

What ELSE is orange?