"I feed my zombies Rot-N-Chow™ every day! I know I can trust Rot-N-Chow™ to provide the nutrition they need, with the taste they love!

-- Georgia Montague, Homemaker

"By golly if'n Rot-N-Chow™ don't keep them dead folk from devisceratin' the whole durned TV crew. Handy stuff to have around. Now I don't have to shoot hardly anyone in the face."

-- Jedidiah T. Thunderbird, Professional
Zombie Wrangler

"Rrrrrgh! Aaahhhhhgggh! Gaaaahhhhggghhh!

-- "Skipper", Zombie

Welcome to the Rot-N-Chow™ Online Zombie Care Resource Center!

At Rot-N-Chow™, we know that the health and happiness of your undead friend is important to you. It's just as important to us. Our laboratories are always working to produce the best zombie food that you can buy. There are so many reasons why Rot-N-Chow™ is the best-selling zombie food on the market!

Zombies may be undead, but they make the lives of the living so much richer. They provide protection, companionship, and unconditional love. And they don't ask for much in return -- they're so happy with just a corner of your basement or garage, a kind word from you, and of course, a daily ration of Rot-N-Chow™.

Here you'll find tips and hints that will help you give your zombies the best possible care. Be sure to check back often for the latest up-to-date information and special product promotions that will only be available online!

Don't forget to enter our "Zuper Zombie Zweepstakes!"* It's fun and easy, and you could win cash and valuable prizes that your whole family will love -- living or dead! Drawings are held weekly, but you have to enter to win!

When your zombies reach maturity, you want them to know that you're their friend. Treat them with love, and feed them Rot-N-Chow™ now, while you still can. They "grow up" so quickly!

*See official rules for official rules.

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